Giudici 2019

Patrik Cederlöf

I have been interested in dogs since childhood. I started with American

Staffordshire terrier in the late 90s and Staffordshire Bullterriers in the

beginning of 2000. My original affix is Zican but since a time back im breeding

under the prefix Cedarleaf.

In 2005 I completed the education training in Sweden and became a licenced

FCI judge. To start I only judged the Bull type terriers but under the last years i

gained some more breeds like

I have had the top winning American Staffordshire Terriers in Sweden during the

years, i produced national and international champions both in Sweden as well

as in other countries. In Staffordshire Bullterriers i bred several champions and

also the best bitch at the World dog show in Denmark 2010.

I have had the opportunity to judge specialty, national and international shows in

many countries like Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Russia, France, Finland ,

Norway, Poland, Italy for ex I have been president of the American

Staffordshire Club of Sweden. Since 2014 I'm member of the Swedish

Kennelclub central commitee.


I am a qualified FCI All Round Judge, I am a Bull Breed & Terrier Specialist. I first awarded tickets in

Bull Terrier in 1985 & have awarded international tickets to every breed in group 3. Gerard has also awarded CC’s in the UK to 5 terrier breeds. He shows breeds Bull Terrier standard miniature under the Coxgal Prefix.



Ozan Belkıs, born in 1968, lived already as a kid between breeds like Basset Hound, Airedale Terrier and Great Dane.

He was the first Turkish exhibitor showing his dogs at international level and at World or European Dog shows.

Ozan Belkis is one of the proud founders and he was the Former Vice-president of the Turkish Kennel Club. 

One of his big passions in kinology is to breed Miniature Schnauzer and Black Russian Terrier and Cane Corso.

Ozan Belkis was chairman of the Judging and Shows committee of the Turkish Kennel Club for 10 years.




Breeder of Schnauzers in all its varieties with the affix Di Gli Mandorlos for more than thirty 


Founder of the Spanish Club of Schnauzer in seventy-nine years.

President Club Español del Schnauzer y Pinscher

Got titles with their dogs and dogs bred by the:

Worldchampion and European, Bundersieger, Bundesjugendsieger, DVH Champion,

Klubsieger ,Jahresieger, Deutsche champion, Winner of Amsterdam, Championships of Italy, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, etc...

International judge since 1981
Specialist Judge of Schnauzers.

Judged exhibitions in almost all countries FCI, World Championships, European

Championships, Special exhibitions of the Group 2 and 5, Exhibition Alliance Latin, Centennial

Exhibition, Monographic of Schnauzers and other breeds in different countries.

Author of articles Cynological magazines from different countries.

Distinctive gold of the Spanish Club of Schnauzer and Pinscher-Schnauzer Club German.

Speaker at seminars on cynology.

Belonging to the first class of judges who passed examinations and tests of training.








I grew up on the countryside,with a lot of contact with farmdogs,that were my daily compagnons though we never had our own dogs.Consequently my main interest ever have been animals,and the only possible profession for me was to become a veterinarian.As soon as I could afford it and had enough time,we bought our first dog in 1984 and of course it was a Flatcoated Retriever.20.10.1988 we bred our first litter with the affix Neala’s, until now 49 litters have been born in our kennel.We enjoyed showing our dogs in Switzerland and abroad and also had some successes in the showring.

Meantime my interest of becoming a judge myself grew and after three years as a trainee I have been elected April 2001 as judge for all retriever breeds.April 2007 I passed the exam for Border Collies.April 2008 I was approved by the Swiss kennelclub for the whole group 8 and April 2015 for the whole group 9.In April 2017 I passed the exam for Setters and English Pointer.I have been judging in many European countries and it was a great honour for me that I have been approved by the kennelclub to award CCs in England,and therefore being on the A1 judges list of the Flatcoated Retriever Society.I enjoy judging all around Europe and I’m very happy to come to the Vesuvian Winner Show,especially as a part of my family originated from this region.





"I live in Palermo, main city of Sicily: the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea; where I was born 56 years ago. As I am a hunter, hunting dogs have always been my main interest; especially pointing dogs and the Cirneco dell'Etna, dog originally from my land. I got my first hunting licence when I was 19 years old and my first dog was half-breed dog, later I've had a Cirneco and a Brittany (also known as: Epagneul Breton). The latter breed has deeply involved me and I became a FCI recognized breeder under the suffix "del Limoncello". Recently I've started breeding French Pointing Dogs Pyrenean type too and I have proclaimed Italian Beauty, Field Trial and Dual Champions with both breeds' subjects. I am a FCI all-breeds dog show judge and a field-trial judge for pointing dogs, I've judged in Italy, Belarus, Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Germany, Montenegro, Rumania, Slovenia and at WDS2015 in Milan. Member of Board of Directors of Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana (E.N.C.I.) and member of its Judges Committee"





Inizia a presentare ed allevare fin dal 1982 ma la data ufficiale del suo affisso parte dal 1990 "della Corte dei Barbagrigia", producendo vari campioni. 

Ha allevato Schnauzer pepe e sale, Dobermann, Terranova per poi proseguire col Pastore dell'Asia Centrale e con il Bassotto nano e kaninchen nella varietà a pelo corto.

Ha preso parte a più gruppi di lavoro sempre volti alla tutela e valorizzazione del cane di razza, nominato Esperto Giudice Formatore per la razza Bassotto, è stato membro del Comitato Tecnico dell'Amici Bassotto Club dove oggi ricopre il ruolo di Consigliere ed è anche componente del Comitato Tecnico dell'Associazione Italiana Pastori Russi.

Abilitato come esperto Giudice Internazionale della FCI per il gruppo 4 e 10 e per alcune razze del gruppo 2 e 7.




Appassionato di cani fin da bambino, divoro libri ed enciclopedie cinofile per tutta l’età giovanile. Possiedo un boxer per 11 anni per poi, nel 1997, iniziare ad allevare davvero il Cane da Pastore di Ciarplanina con l’affisso di Valle Morena. Divento esperto giudice di esposizione nel 2011. Attualmente giudico quasi tutto il gruppo 1 e diverse razze del gruppo 2.

Aleksandar Petrovic

I am judge of FCI group 5, 8 and 9

Speaking: English, Russian, Greek and Serbian ( all ex Yu )

My love and passion for dogs started as child when in 1990 I get my first dog English Cocker. Now I’m living with Poodles, French Bouledogue and Pomeranians.

To be a judge is part of my dog life, till today I judged at dogs show in:

Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Japan.

Mr. Wiblishauser has been a Dobermann enthusiast since 1954 and acquired his first Dobermann in 1962. In the following years Hans achieved success in national, international and world championship Breed Shows and trained several dogs to SchHIII level. As a Breeder he owns the famous ‘von Bavaria’ kennel which produced a number of extremely successful dogs, both in the show ring and on the working fields.


Zoran Roknić was born in Belgrade in 1979, where he have graduated on Belgrade Higher School of Economic. He’s happily merried to Jelena, and proud fahter of one lovely baby boy Vasilije, and baby girl Milica. Zoran is international FCI judge for I,II,III, V, VI, VII, VIII i IX FCI group, and he is member of Belgrade Cinology Associoation as well as a member of Retriver Club of Belgrade. He judged at many international exhibitions only in Europe, and some in Asia the continent. Zoran is specialist to VIII group, retrivers, as well as part of the group IX, Pug, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog... From his early childhood he was passionate about all dog breeds, especially German Hunt Terrier, Chow Chow, Pekingese dogs etc., until he felt in love with Labrador Retrivers back in 2004. Since that time he was devoted towards that breed. In 2013 his kennel was enriched with couple of sweet Pugs.




"La mia vita si è sempre svolta all'insegna di un barbone. Sono nato che in casa vi era un barbone medio nero di nome Giok, che ricordo benissimo,soggetto di oscure origini; in seguito più grandino entrò in casa un barbone standard marrone (ma gli standard allora non erano alti come adesso, al massimo erano sui 48/52 cm., essendo allora lo standard fino a 55cm.).�Questo soggetto, invece, proveniva da un famoso allevamento italiano di barboni marroni: "dell'Agabam", molto famoso allora in Italia per questo colore; l'Allevatrice si chiamava Sig.ra Carla Gallazzi, un personaggio molto tipico.�Dopo di questo entrò in casa per la prima volta un gigante bianco, proveniente da un allevamento francese "du Grand Jeu" di Mr: Holy.�Da questo soggetto è incominciata la mia vita con i barboni bianchi. Ma il mio avvicinamento al mondo espositivo però fu del tutto casuale. "



Breeder: “Vale do Criz” kennels since 1982, although the first dog show was in 1979. Owner/breeder of Champions on the breeds Boxer, Portuguese Podengo Small Smooth Hair, Portuguese Pointer, Fox-Terrier (both coats), Parson Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier, with 406 titles achieved at this moment with dogs either bred or owned by me, including several World and European Winners.

Has Judged in the following foreign countries: Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Rep., Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland; Ukraine and USA.



Il mio primo barbone è arrivato nel 1998, la mia prima cucciolata nel 2002, con l’affisso Giulfo sono nati

numerosi campioni in 3 taglie e 5 colori, che hanno aggiunto al mio palma res titoli in Italia, Scandinavia,

Francia e tanti altri paesi europei,  oltre che diversi campioni americani e canadesi.

Sono giudice Enci Fci dal 2017



Fin da bambino ho vissuto a contatto con cani allevati da mio padre del

I e II gruppo.

Negli anni '80 ho iniziato ad allevare Fox Terrier e Barboni con l'affisso

“Dei Ceppi”, ottenendo diversi successi in Italia e all'estero con la

razza Barbone Gigante e Nana.

Dal 1997 sono giudice di questa razza; ho giudicato in diversi Paesi

europei, russi e in Marocco.

Nel 2017 sono stato abilitato a giudicare tutte le razze.

Dr. Fabrizio La Rocca



I was passionate in dogs since I was a child, I still remeber my first dog a beautiful St Bernard

called Lord. My firt debut in a show ring was in 1985, at 17 years old with my first

Newfoundland “Zeus Degli Angeli Neri” you can’t understand my joy when he achieved the

title of Italian Champion, handled by me!

Then in the 1995 Newfoundland under the prefix “Newfies”. In the 2005 I started to be

interested in others breeds in the 2° FCI group, like normal owner, it is because I would love

to know better any single breeds when is possible.

I was in the years member in many different Club Committee, founder, secretary, auditor of

several canine organizations, including the Palermo Kennel Club.

Vice president and board member of the Italian breed club for the Newfoundland, the Club

Italiano del Terranova. I was Chairman in the breeding committee, responsible for drafting

the regulations for the New foundland club championship rules

Delegate to the regional canine council of Sicily

I was called by ENCI to be Special administrator of CIABS (Italian club of Swiss mountain


I am Member in the examination board for Italian judges and former judge for new judges.

Member of the Italian Kennel Club ENCI in the disciplinary board.

I represented the Italian Kennel Club as a member of the FCI in the Rescue Dogs Commission,

responsible for drawing up the international “Rescue dog tests”, rules for the certification of

those dogs to be used for search, avalanche and rescue of missing persons, in natural and

urban disaster sites, and for water rescue

I am President of SAMANNARA (Club of Cane di Mannara Sicilian ancestral breed)

I helded several seminars about Italian breeds like Cane Corso Italiano

As judge I started judging in the 2002 as International judge.

I judged in several national and international shows all over the world: I judged throughout

Italy, as well as in Europe, United States of America, Russia and even at the World Dog Show

2015, EDS 2017, WDS 2018, EDS 2018, I am invited to EDS 2020, WDS 2020.

I am approved specialist judge for: II°, III°, IV°, VIII°, X°, and all the Italians breeds.

I did a lot for the dog world and I still have a lot of goal to reach I hope to preserve in the time

my great love and passion for the dog world.



Paola Micara Watten origini umbro-romane,laurea in lingue. Ha mosso i

primi passi nella cinofilia in Scandinavia dove ha ricoperto incarichi nel Boxer Klub di Norvegia,nella redazione della rivista e nel comitato di allevamento. Nel 1974 nasce l’affisso”Watwald” che la seguirà attivamente

fino ad oggi. E’ stata per anni consigliere del Boxer Club d’Italia e per un

periodo vice-presidente dell’Atibox.

Ha allevato costantemente boxer e carlini e recentemente anche chinese

crested ma ha avuto esperienze dirette di allevamento per gli alani, bull

mastiff, bull terrier, barboni.

Giudica la maggior parte delle razze dei gr.2-9-10 e la sua attività di giudice

l’ha portata in molte nazioni e continenti promuovendo soggetti di grande

rilievo. Ha avuto campioni di bellezza e di lavoro condotti personalmente.

La sua esperienza derivata dall’approfondimento delle razze autorizzate, la conoscenza di molte lingue, i numerosi contatti , articoli e convegni fanno di Paola un utile ed importante riferimento nella cinofilia.



Sono nato nel 1958 a Caserta, dove vivo e lavoro. Sono funzionario nella Pubblica Amministrazione – Sanità - della mia città.;

- sono Istruttore di Judo ed Arbitro Federale di Judo , che pratico dal 1972;

- Allevo Riesenschnauzer dal 1978, con affisso Casa Hirta (che è il nome latino del villaggio di Caserta Vecchia).

- Sono stato Delegato del Schnauzer Club Italiano per la Regione Campania dal 1997 al 2010.

- Sono stato Consigliere del Gruppo Cinofilo Casertano dal 1981 al 1998.

- Sono stato consigliere dello Schnauzer Club Italiano dal 1992 al 1995.

Ho conseguito con soggetti da me allevati importanti risultati in esposizioni di bellezza così come in prove di lavoro.

Ho organizzato esposizioni di bellezza e prove di lavoro.

Sono Esperto Giudice All Rounder e giudico dal 2000.

Ho scritto, nel 2010, un commento allo Standard della razza Schnauzer :

“ Riflessioni su Una grande passione Lo Schnauzer